Academic Staff

[Tim Weyrich]

Doctoral Students

[Alejandro Sztrajman]


[Cristina Amati]
  • Cristina Amati
  • EngD
  • research:  Visual Perception, Aesthetics, Machine Learning
  • sponsor:  Anthropics
[Gwyneth Bradbury]
  • Gwyneth Bradbury
  • EngD Student
  • research:  Procedural and Ecological Modelling, Scene Classification, Content Creation
  • sponsor:  Disney Interactive Studios
[Jacques Cali]
  • Jacques Calì
  • EngD Student
  • research:  Performative Design, Fabrication, Mechanics, Appearance Modelling
  • sponsor:  Arkasoft
[Antonio Garcia Castaneda]
[Tom Haines]
  • Tom Haines
  • Research Associate
  • research:  Machine Learning, Texture Synthesis, Content Creation
[Stuart James]
  • Stuart James
  • Research Associate
  • research:  Image and Video Retrieval, Sketch-Based Modelling, Digital Humanities
[Joep Moritz]
  • Joep Moritz
  • EngD Student
  • research:  Texture Synthesis, Skin Appearance Modelling
  • sponsor:  Procter & Gamble
[A. Kazim Pal]
  • A. Kazim Pal
  • EngD
  • research:  Cultural Heritage Reconstruction, 3D Capture, Interactive Modelling
  • sponsor:  London Metropolitan Archives
[Gilles Rainer]
  • Gilles Rainer
  • PhD Student
  • research:  Appearance Capture and Modelling
  • sponsor:  Change of Paradigm
[Timothy Scully]
  • Timothy Scully
  • EngD Student
  • research:  Skin Appearance Capture and Modelling
  • sponsor:  Procter & Gamble